Everything You Need To Know About Launching Your Very Own Microblading Business!

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Zoe Gillespie,
CEO and Founder, Zoe Milan Studios
"If you’re serious about learning how to microblade and grow your own business confidently, becoming a Zoe Milan Studios' Academy Member is a great way for you to obtain the industry knowledge on how to do it yourself."
What Our Live Coaching Students Are Saying...
"Zoe Gillespie has changed my life! My business has significantly increased in revenue after adding microblading to my practices and beauty salons."
Jessica Nelfak
"Becoming a member has given me the confidence I need to build my client base and provide them with the proper microblading applications and beauty enhancements!"
Krystal O'Brian
"The course teachings, whether you are a beginner or have been a beautician for some time, go in-depth into the microblading business, from practice to marketing!"
Karri Thompson
Become A Microblading Business EXPERT...
When you want to start your own Microblading Business as bad as you want to BREATHE...
Doesn't the idea of owning your own business evoke a passion deep inside of you?!...

Doesn't it make you feel like somebody just grabbed you by your collar and shook you out of a dream?!...

Doesn't it make you want to stop wasting time and FINALLY start taking action?!...

We may have never crossed paths, but because you made it to this page I can tell you want to bring your passion into the forefront of your reality and want more out of life!

That is why you need to know this:
Everyone was born with the potential to be great. It is inside of you waiting for it to be awoken. You were created for a higher purpose than where you are today - and you already probably know that.

I'll also promise you this:
Take a moment real quick - log out of Instagram, Pinterest, your email, and focus... reading this page will tell you how to go about bringing your dreams into reality through our tailored guidance and expertise... start living today!

That's a bold claim, I know.
This is not a laughing matter. This is a proven method that our business coaches and beauticians have taught to tens of thousands of passionate students from around the world.

It doesn't matter what kind of knowledge in Microblading you may have already obtained; The only thing that matters is how badly you want it, and by "it" I mean success.

Are you ready?
Microblading is an art and passion. It starts now, let's go.

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Look, Future Technicians, if you're still not sure, I understand.

I know it's hard: it's hard to pursue a passion when you have your current job, family responsibilities, and social pressures taking up your all of your time. I know what it is like to drag yourself to a job you can't stand and not know where to go in order to get where you want to be.

But, luckily for you, I have the solution: Zoe Milan Studios' Academy. This is the bridge you've been looking to cross, the intermediary between the life you hate and the life you've only experienced while daydreaming.

If you're ready to unlock your true potential, we've got the key!

Your Instructor

Zoe Milan Studios
Zoe Milan Studios

Zoe Milan Studios is a permanent-makeup consulting services company fostering in the development and growth of businesses seeking to tap into the microblading industry.

Course Curriculum

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Learn with The Zoe Milan Studios' Academy

Learn New Strategies

Zoe Milan Studios Provides Up-To-Date Teachings and Training To Enhance Your Understanding and Microblading Practices.

The Zoe Milan Studios Method

Every Course Includes Key Elements For A Successful Business That Will Help You In Technique and Industry Knowledge.

The Right Tools

Every Academy Membership Includes Access To Our Microblading Business Resources & Best Practice Trade Secrets!

Zoe Milan Academy Private Group

Share Course Insights and Collaborate With Like-Minded Members In Our Private Facebook Group.
Membership Access Includes
  • Opening a Zoe Milan Studios Academy Membership
  • Product Knowledge and Training Tools
  • Understanding and 'How To' Microblading 101 Basics
  • Learn How to Read Your Microblading Blueprint for Business Success
  • Get Professional Online Training On Both Artificial Skin and Live Models
  • Join LIVE Monthly Online Training Sessions
  • Get Exclusive Access To Video Tutorials & Downloadable PDFs
  • Subscribe To Daily Industry Updates and Trade Secrets
  • See Private Interviews with CEOs and Leading Industry Experts
  • Discounts On Tools and Business Marketing Software
Go Ahead and Discover All of our Course Training Resources
Waiting for You on the Inside...

Get Exclusive Access to Zoe Gillespie, Founder and CEO
of The Zoe Milan Studios' Academy!

Monthly Mastermind Webinar Calls with Zoe Gillespie

($997.00 Real World Value)

Unlike other Microblading programs online that don't let you interact with or speak to your Microblading Trainer without paying a lot of money, The Zoe Milan Studios' Academy gives you exclusive access to Zoe Gillespie on live mastermind calls. You and other Zoe Milan Studios' Academy members of the ZMSA community will join Zoe monthly and have the opportunity to ask your most pressing Microblading and industry questions while also finding practice methods and techniques that will propel you and your business to the next level.
Private Facebook Group Access

($997.00 Real World Value)

Your online membership includes exclusive access to Zoe Milan Studios' Academy Private Facebook Group where you'll be able to surround yourself with like-minded individuals that are seeking ultimate business success!

Following your passion in Microblading and having the community in our Private Facebook Group provides the support and community discussion needed to keep you focused! You can't change your mindset and unleash the greatness that's inside of you if you're constantly being pulled down by negative people who fill your mind with the idea that you can't succeed, when in fact.. you can!

The Private Facebook Group Access helps you to create a positive environment for yourself in order to GROW and PROSPER in your microblading business. Even on your best day, you still need community support! That's what this Facebook group provides you with.

You'll find people just like you who want to create positive changes in their lives and start their very own microblading businesses. This Facebook group will be your trusted community and mastermind source where you can find answers to your questions in business and microblading applications; you will also build lifelong relationships as you grow together along the journey.
The Best Part?!
You'll Never Have to Feel Like You Are on Your Own...
Because You'll Have The Entire Support of a Community Who Cares!

Tons of Industry Tools and Resources to Guide You Towards
Microblading Mastery...

Microblading Mastery Blueprint Manual

($397.00 Real World Value)

Zoe's valuable online academy provides not only an in-depth look into microblading, but it also takes you through the extensive process of how to start your very own microblading business and strategic marketing plan... right at your fingertips! Zoe has spent countless hours researching, implementing, and building her very own successful microblading business... so you don't have to!

This 30+ Page Manual Includes A Step-By-Step Guide Into:

--> Microblading Fundamentals and Procedures

--> Microblading Business Planning and Protocols

--> Microblading Marketing Strategies and Tactics

--> Microblading Business Mastery Mind Maps

--> And Much More!
Microblading Business Software Source Access

($697.00 Real World Value)

Zoe Gillespie provides you instant access to the online resources and tools that she personally uses to get the job done! She has laid out all of her best tools and sources so you can achieve your dreams of building your own personal brand! You won't have to waste countless hours researching or spend thousands of dollars testing the market tools on your own. It is all right here!

Instead, you'll gain access to all of her knowledge and strategies to jump start your very own microblading business, accessible all in one location.

Microblading Starter Practice Kit

($197.00 Real World Value)

Practice Makes Perfect! Zoe Milan Studios' Academy online course provides its members with a microblading starter practice kit which includes:

--> Microblading Practice Ink

--> Microblading Essential Hand Tools

--> Microblading Essential Blades

--> Microblading Pencils

--> Microblading Caliper

--> Microblading Ink Rings

--> Microblading Squirt Bottle

--> Tattoo Skins!
Official ZMS Academy Certificate Of Course Completion


After completing the entire Zoe Milan Studios' Academy Microblading Business Mastery Course, you will receive a one-of-a-kind certificate of course completion.

Each graduate will receive a virtual certificate for their accomplishment and recognition of academic achievement. The certificate will be available electronically and for print.

Limited Time Only BONUS
(Only When You REGISTER by January 15th)

When you scroll down and REGISTER by January 15th, you'll also get these amazing bonuses for a limited time only:

Access To Registration and Exclusive Bonuses Closes In...
2 VIP Tickets To Microblading Live Seminar [May 2017]

($2,400.00 Real World Value)

This Bonus offer includes 2 VIP Session Tickets to This Year's Exclusive Microblading Business Mastery Seminar with Zoe Gillespie, located in beautiful Tampa, FL. This year, Zoe and her team will meet with you in person and discuss microblading industry tips and trade secrets, not yet shared!!

You and your guest will receive:

--> Exclusive Live Seminar by Zoe Gillespie

--> Access to VIP Power Sessions

--> Access to Main Event

--> Meet and Greet

--> And Much More!

* Tickets will be available after 3 months of consecutive membership.
Zoe Milan Studios Apparel

($24.99 Real World Value)

As an added bonus each new member and course participant will be given their very own: LIMITED EDITION - New Brows, Who This? V-Neck - Ladies

--> 100% Cotton and Printed in the United States

--> Limited Time availability!

--> 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

*For a quality v-neck tee, look no further*

Please Allow 6-8 Weeks for Zoe Milan Studios' Academy Shipping. Not Eligible if Membership Canceled Within 30 Days.
2 VIP Tickets to Zoe Milan Studio's Movie Premiere [May 2017]

($397.00 Real World Value)

Get 2 VIP Movie Tickets to Zoe Milan Studios' Short Film Movie Premiere. You and your guest will receive red carpet treatment and access to Zoe Gillespie and her team at this exclusive event!

In Addition, You and your guest will receive:

--> A Walk on the Red Carpet!

--> Access to After Hours Party

--> Access to Main Event

--> Meet and Greet

--> And Much More!

* Tickets will be available after 3 months of consecutive membership.
Total Real World Value For Microblading Business Mastery Course: $6,106.99!
But Save Thousands of Dollars Today And Get Zoe's Microblading Business Mastery For Just...
(Actual Course Cost $997) = $6,106.99 Real World Value
  • Everything Inside The Microblading Business Mastery Course PLUS:
  • Monthly Mastermind Calls with Zoe Gillespie
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Microblading Mastery Blueprint Manual
  • Microblading Business Software Source Access
  • Microblading Starter Practice Kit
  • 2 VIP Tickets To Microblading Live Seminar
  • Zoe Milan Studios Apparel
  • Official ZMS Academy Certificate of Course Completion
Access To Registration and Exclusive Bonuses Closes In...

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts on January 15th, 2017 and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

DISCLAIMER: Zoe Milan Studios, LLC. (ZMS) event (conference) tickets are not redeemable for cash. ZMS conference tickets can neither be sold or transferred. Zoe Milan Studios Academy members must be present to redeem tickets for conference admission. Complimentary tickets become available ONLY, after three months of consecutive membership. Complimentary tickets are only available to active Microblading Business Mastery Course level members. Conference Tickets can only be redeemed at ONE event. ZMS Academy members can not give tickets to other members or persons. By becoming a member of ZMS Academy, you have agreed to have your one time membership fee automatically deducted from your chosen form of payment. We understand you have choices and you could have invested both your time and funds elsewhere. We don't take your custom for granted and we appreciate your continued support. We promise to work harder each and every day to earn your business afresh.